Friday, 7 September 2018

Tongan language week

Introduction:I'm talking about what happened at our school assembly and also about tongan language week.

This morning at our school assembly we had our Tongan boys and girls performances for Tongan language.They where all dressed up in there beautiful and colourful clothes.Our little girls and big girls performances where beautiful they where smiling and showing off there dance moves..Also the boys even though there were only a little bit of them they did very well on the stage.we are very lucky to have helpful teachers to help them with there actions.

Monday, 20 August 2018

Benefits of exercise Lyrics

This is a song I have remade from Taylor Swift. The song is called Shake It Off and I really hope you enjoy my new song. This song is based on how we can all stay healthy and fit for the future and yeah just enjoy.

I stay out too late, got nothin' in my brain

That's what people say, mmm hmm, that's what people say, mmm hmm

I go on too many dates, but I can't make 'em stay

At least that's what people say mmm mmm, that's what people say mmm mmm

But I keep cruising, can't stop, won't stop moving

It's like I got this music in my mind, sayin' gonna be alright

'Cause the players gonna play, play, play, play, play

And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate

Baby, I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake

stayed up too late..I did no exercise.

That’s what my teacher say’s,mmm hmm,that’s what my teacher say’s,mmm hmm.

He said to exercise so it can help your health and mind.

At least that’s what agility says mmm mmm,That’s what agility says mmm mm

But I keep eating, can’t stop won’t stop eating.

it’s like I got the addiction,Sayin it’s gonna be alright.

Cause your muscels gonna hate,hate,hate.hate.hate

And your bones gonna,play,play,play,play,play

Cause i’m just gonna,shake,shake,shake,shake,shake

Monday, 6 August 2018

Benefits of physical activity

Physical activity! What is physical activity?physical activity is known as exercise and fitness and more..But what does physical activity do to help.

One thing physical activity can help you with is your health and more. It can reduce your risk and health includes walking swimming and housework there are many more things it can help you with.

Another thing is aerobic activity makes you breathe harder and your heart beat faster as a result increases heart and lung fitness.Aerobics is a physical fitness helps you with your heart rate and more it also sustain exercise like jogging,swimming, strengthens the heart and lungs by improving your body.

Physical activity strengthens bones.Your bones is like muscles it gets better and stronger ever time you exercise and keep your body health.Also bones respond by getting stronger.exercise increases bone density.

So there we have it benefits of physical now you know how physical activity can help you with your body and health.

Monday, 2 July 2018

Force and motion

This term team five has been learning about Force and Motion. The reason why we are learning about Force and Motion is because it helps us to understand what force and motion means and for others to understand as well. 

My group and I only had two ideas, and we couldn’t decide which experiment to do. Our first idea was the Marshmallow Shooter. Then our second idea was the Water Transporter. They were the only two ideas my group and I could think of. 

Our first one we did was a Marshmallow shooter and our second one was called The Water Transporter. We tried the marshmallow shooter first outside, and that was a success. Then our second experiment was the Water Transporter, it was also a success. But the issue was that the water transporter took a bit longer than we thought it would. 

Was our experiment Successful or was it a failure? Well both of our experiments we tried was a success. Why? Because my group and I followed the instructions carefully, and also my group and I listened very well and knew what we were doing. So I think my group and I did a successful job at our experiment. 

Next time we will be more prepared to bring our own equipment and make sure to be ready before the day we present our experiment. Next time we need to come up with more ideas and listen to what other people come up with. 

Thursday, 7 June 2018


That time of the week had come year 8’s week 4 our time to show leadership at kauaeranga christian camp.Every year students at pt england school that are year 8’s they go on a leadership camp to go and enjoy activities and leadership opportunities.We are heading of to kauaeranga valley christian camp.

The camp had activities they would usually have at a camp but this camp had activities you wouldn’t expect….Paintballing,Go karts.and more camps I go to don’t have these activities Paintballing and Go karts.Have you ever done paintballing before?I haven’t while since I haven’t I will like to give it a go when it’s my teams turn…

Last rotation my time had come to go and try out Paintballing i’m very nervous about it.We had to put on a pair of goggles to protect our eyes.The camp didn’t have guns that you will usually have at paintball Instead of guns we had slingshots….We started of with a nice and easy game it was capture the flag in my team was napa fetuao and david we were called the silly team….Once i saw the other team shooting I saw one coming for me and it hit my chest it was so saw that i got a bruise once i got that bruise I said to myself I should ask david or napa to protect me so that I don’t get hit again I was so scared from then…

Yeahh it was finally coming to the end of paintball we played the game were one person runs from the tree to the other side and everyone can shoot I was the second one to do it I felt scared because I had no one to protect me but that was okay...We were starting the game I ran across and my whole team was shooting at me once they shot SWISH! The first paintball went past my head then the second one went BANG! Straight onto my face I said Owww screaming so loud some of the paintball even went into my mouth I was like eww Yuck it tasted like mud with it I said weoww I failed.

It came to the end of the day were the year 8’s go into the lounge and have their meetings.Our theme for this year was O le alaia e lepule o tautua,It means show leadership through service.What this meant to me was to show leadership as a leader and also serving others I stepped out of my naughtiness and stepped up as a team leader.If i did something naughty one or two of my team memebers would have copyed me and that would of been showing no leadership as a leader to them.

Monday, 21 May 2018


Title:Super Vivor

One early morning everyone meet at Ptengland school to decide what there going to do it for one whole day.This is a Competition to see who will win and see who will keep up with the activities If one of them give up then they will be sent home.

The first activity will be based in team 5 block their will be three tables set up for all three of them so every one behind there tables.On the tables are stink toe jam shoes with stink socks in it they have to try and untie the knot’s.Also baby clothes they have to try and clean it with their hands and water.The challenge may begin you’s only have 90 seconds captain america and spider man are struggling to untie the knot’s because the shoe stinks Mum and baby got the shoes untied now there on to cleaning the baby clothes captain america and spider-man are still struggling mum and baby are almost finish now spider man are on to cleaning the clothes mum and baby are finish and times up so that looked like a hard challenge to spider-man and captain america well i thought captain america was going to win but no he couldn’t handle the smell of the shoes well next time.So the winner for the whole show is Mum and baby well Mum and baby did some hard work together they both handled the smell of the shoes and handled clean the baby clothes.

The problem in this story is that spider man and captain america couldn’t handle the smell of the shoes and the socks in it  and Mum and baby could also they were struggling to untie the knot’s but it was hard for them to even try.

Current events Activities

WALT:Monitor ourselves to complete all our work.