Sunday, 9 July 2017


This is my fun facts about dargaville(Don't Forget To Comment)

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  1. Hi Angel,

    I love that I have learned something new by reading your blog. In fact, I knew very little about Dargaville or Waikiki Island before reading through your DLO. Where did you find all of these great facts? Were they on a specific website? When we go searching for facts and we post them on our blog sites, we need to be sure that we give credit to the people who originally posted the information. We do this by including a link to the site where we got the information. For example, if you use a Tourism New Zealand site to find information about Dargvaille, you would cut and paste the url for the site into your presentation (

    Can you please add the url for the websites that you used into this presentation? That would make be awesome :)

    Thanks so much Angel! Keep up the great work!