Wednesday, 15 November 2017

The Ugly Duckling

                 The Ugly Duckling
In a little town all the way down in the south island. There was a mother duck and a big ugly duckling sleeping on the side of a river waiting for mother duck's eggs to hatch.

It was a beautiful sunny day. Mother duck was sitting down for the whole day pondering about her egg’s. Woww!!! One of my eggs just hatched they're all hatching one by one mother duck sit’s on the big egg at last it open’s the ugly grey duckling.

One day, mother duck took her duckling’s to the river. The big ugly duckling told mother duck very discreetly that you have to be back before lunch because you need to feed them they will get hungry.

Two days later mother duck took her duckling’s to the farm yard The farmyard is very noisy. Their is a poor duckling that is unhappy there. The hen’s nip at him, The rooster’s flies at him,The duck’s pick at him,The farmer kick’s him.

One night he escaped from the farm yard. He comes to the river discreetly. He see’s many pretty birds swimming there. Their feathers are so white, their necks so long, their wings so pretty. The little duckling’s look at him and he really want’s to meet them so he can be a pretty duckling like them too.

Now it’s winter It’s white and snowy around the river. The river is covered with ice and the ugly duckling is very cold and unhappy. The baby duckling are unhappy because they are shivering and they have nowhere to swim.

Yeah!! Final spring comes the sun shines warmly everything is fresh and green the ugly duckling and the baby ducklings are happy they went to go to the river to swim because there is no ice covered over they were very happy.

                                         The End

These are the five word's we had use in our writing to make it more interesting for the reader
Coincidence, observed, blurted, discreetly and ponder.

The word's that are highlighted they are one of the five word's we had to use in our writing.

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